Restless Yearning 

we align in drifting coils of flesh,

I am eager to face the beast within,

Explore your breadth of vision,

The dawning pleasure between us,

Continuance on breathless lips,

Mastery greeted on every plain,

On unexplored dimensions,

Immortal love so brazen,

The wild passion in your eyes.
We peak in the ardor of our fusion, 

Your heart thunders in restless yearning,

Sings against the glittery expanse of my body.

Your touch is an electric shock,

Sustained magic that hums between us.
The scent of primrose in the air,

Summertime on your skin,

The patter of summer rain and howling wind,

Shadows on objects around us,

A quiet intricacy,

Furnishings of gentle lilac. 


Dream Lover

You come into my dreams,

Breathe sensual feelings into my ears,

And you sweep me off my feet,

Bewitch me with your presence.
You rouse me from an unbroken dream,

Whisper against my lady garden,

Rock my world and live inside me.
You connect to me on the Internet,

Tempt me with sweet chai,

You live inside me,

Your body telling sensual stories,

Shaking me up. 



Clouds dance because of the wind. Flowers sing because of rain. Grass grows because of earth. She lives because of him. He was the only reason. He was all the reasons.