A warning about Authorhouse

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I’ve just seen a blog post by author D.D Chant about her experience with Authorhouse in a bid to warn other authors away from using them. Having read this, I thought it was worth spreading the word! DeeDee’s post can be found here.

Self-publishing is great and I’d hate to see any authors being taken advantage of! Please be careful.


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The Art of Touch: Excerpts from my verse novel

I love you loving me,

Walk calmy like a stalking Panther,

Mysterious as the full moon,

I hear you whisper, I love you,

Ah, love.

In the journal of my heart,

As the stars love the wind,

As deep as the sea,

I see your impish smile,

The breeze travels like a lively raven,

Ushering you to my front door.

Love is a lively breeze,

A stormy, rainy moon,

You command the night,

Mysterious as the full moon.

And I hear you whisper, I love you.

Journey into the Verse Novel

I found out about narrative poetry and verse novels several months ago. At first I was taken aback by the style. Then the more I read about them the more intrigued I became by the themes and plots. This style of writing and storytelling is perfect for my erratic schedule and bald ideas. It is a very challenging process paring down meaty passages into a tidy and succinct chronicle. This is my first attempt at novel writing and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Beast of Pendragon Manor combines my romantic side with bits of eerie dreams I’ve had. My lover is my muse, is my rock in my goal of being published. I have a great support team cheering me on and providing me with character names. Some of the names are pretty outlandish.

Writing vs Rewriting

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Writing is rewriting or so it is said. I see what they’re saying but it’s also bullshit.

Not to be pedantic or anything but writing is writing, and rewriting is rewriting. That’s not an educated statement, it’s a gut statement that I consider true for myself in the day to day (non-paying) business of writing things.

Fuck how many times is the word writing gonna appear in this post?

Writing (ha) is difficult and unpleasant. I’m always reminded of Dr.Ian Malcom, Jeff Golblum’s character in Jurassic Park, specifically the part where he’s talking about discovery:

“What’s so great about discovery? It’s a violent, penetrative act that scars what it explores. What you call discovery, I call the rape of the natural world.”

Now first off, I’m not equating the struggle of writing to rape. I’m talking about the first part of that sentence, but included the second half because it’s…

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I give in to your beguilement
Allocate temptation to reciprocate the passion
With the arch of my neck and my restless hands
I touch your lips
Yearning and hungering for their caress.

You lower your lips to my neck
Breathe in my scent with a mixture of yearning and watchfulness.

My eyes range over your face
Linger on the full lips I have savored.

You glance down at the robust bosom pressed against your chest
Your warm gaze traveling reverentially over my sinuosity.

My voice professes wild secrets
Unveils the sexual voodoo sheltered in my mind
Whispers, “I love you”,
How I want you to caress my goddess curves
How I want you to take me rough.


My mind is an empire of rebellious seduction
My body wet and turbulent with ripples of stark elation
I can feel your turmoil echoing mine
The culmination of your hunger as you follow me in climax.

My orgasm grows to a crescendo of symphonic bliss
You bequeath your gift of holy sins
The ecstasy of your touch starts anew.

Thoroughly pleasured, again i straddle you
My cheeks flushed
My womanhood wet and yearning for the warmth of your shaft
It is all ecstasy and pandemonium
Your strong arms are a prison around me
Trapping me
Giving me hours of euphoria.

Dream Lover

You appear in the dark of night
Whisper sweetness into my dreams
You awaken me with a kiss
Your voice, your gentleness.

You brush the seat of my panties
Pluck at my moist petals
Your prurient words veiled in the scent of chai tea
You take me
Possess me
Not yet finished.

I engulf every inch of you
Focus on the soft timbre of your voice
Feel a sense of euphoria
Feel safe and whole in your arms.

I gaze at the panorama of your arousal
The intoxicating and damp mix of our bodies together
I am drunk in the joy of ecstasy
Drunk by the love of my king.