The Brutish Passion

Open window drapes
The light inside is dim
Lamplight spreads hauntingly.

Continual tranquility
The night wind moans
Time and memories rise.

Descends within the journal
Unmitigated parity
Hovering stance.

A carnal species
Ardent crescent moon
The brutish passion.

He fills me with longing
The sure, sweet, cement glue and lime of love
Lightning in his veins.

A soul kiss
Primal longing
Warrior adorning my nakedness.

Sweet agony of passion
Infinite longing
The roar of our hearts.

Pools of lust volcanic
Deep-set innermost core
Torment of seduction.




Blog Tour with Giveaway & Review – A Ripple Through Time by Tania Bogart

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Book: A Ripple Through Time

Author: T. D. Bogart

Tour Organized by: Indie Sage, LLC


What if an unspoken past finally found its voice? After inheriting a damaged painting and a handful of journals from his grandfather, Ryan, and his girlfriend Natalie, find themselves immersed in a mystery. Ryan is a third generation Naval Academy graduate and Natalie restores paintings. Together, they begin to unravel clues that lead them down a twisting path of raw emotion and vivid memories as they are taken back to the 1940′s.

This journey unveils the previously unknown world of WWII veterans Derrick and Jianna, as their relationship faces the hardships of war and the reality of sacrifice. Derrick and Jianna must learn to evolve, adding to the love they share and the strength that comes from enduring trying times of combat. While overcoming events that cripple the foundation of who they…

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One Flesh

Morning greetings
Heartfelt embrace
Irresistible temptation.

The ghost of a shadow
Visible garment of god.

One flesh
Pulse of the soul
He rises and falls upon me.

One flesh to behold

A glow within
His silken array
Rough sea.

Tableau on the landscape
Full measure
Draws to a peak.

Dwell in my arms
At a slow pace
The wine of his kiss.

Warm to the touch
Element of symmetry
I give him shelter.

Immortal bliss
Ecstasy of love
Tranquility of the shore.

Our carnal tango
I purr deep in my throat
In the here and now.

I groove to his quiver
The sweat from his brow
Breathless whisper.

My golden shroud
Fierce hunger of his lips
Savage flame.




Writing retreats aka binge writing: pros and cons

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By Susan Carter

I am at a desk overlooking trees soaking up misty rain. This post represents a spasm of procrastination from the article that I’m writing on what is for me a new area of research interest.

Beside me I have an ambitious stack of reading for the week; I need to get my head round recent literature. In front of me, the laptop, currently showing my resurrected Endnote library—somehow I have lost a more recent version so need to move on and recreate. Around me, other women academics are also writing, including a couple of them finishing their PhD theses, and a couple who are newly graduated and now pumping out articles to meet their post-doc grants’ mandates.

It’s the third day of one of Barbara Grant’s writing retreats for academic women. I have read five articles and skimmed two journals—two books and another five journals sit waiting…

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Primrose petals like the golden sunset taking shape,
Dark-brown piercing eyes glimmer in the night,
My lover is soaked to the skin.

We make love underneath the candlelight of the gods,
We throb, listening to the pounding sounds of our hearts,
We are sprawled face to face as the moon casts long shadows.

Our love is eternal.

The moon turns scarlet,
I see the blithe glow in his eyes,
His arms are around me,
We are woven in the mastery of passions.

Blog Tour, Review & Excerpt: Twisted by Emma Chase

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Twisted by Emma Chase

Contemporary Romance

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by Yesi


Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is hard. In this heart-pounding follow-up to Tangled by New York Times bestseller Emma Chase, Kate reveals that there is trouble in paradise, when unexpected circumstances force her and Drew to “renegotiate” their relationship.

There are two kinds of people in the world. The ones who look first, and the ones who leap. I’ve always been more of a looker. Cautious. A planner. That changed after I met Drew Evans. He was so persistent. So sure of himself—and of me.

But not all love stories end happily ever after. Did you think Drew and I were going to ride off into the sunset? Join the club. Now I have to make a choice; the most important of my life. Drew already made hisin fact, he…

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Allure of the Gypsies by Charles Yallowitz

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So the third installment of the Legends of Windemere series and I was very excited to dive into it!


I will admit I am still a little sad that Nimby and Fritz are gone from the series, but Nyx and Sari are an excellent addition to the story and they really work well as a team with Luke.

The author did an amazing job by phasing out the old characters and introducing the new ones. We also get an interesting look into Luke’s family and his home town and we also find out just why Luke was in the forest that day he came across the Paladin who was dying and gave him the orders to report to the academy. That was really awesome! I love when authors give us the back story of characters we love and find out where they came from and how they…

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