An Entrepreneur Builds a Brand in Eyewear

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Julie Allinson was 42 when she started Eyebobs, which offers high-quality, funky reading glasses at reduced prices. Fourteen years later, her company occupies almost all of a 37,000-square foot building near downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Optical shops, clothing stores and even museum gift shops around the world carry Allinson’s eyeglasses.  She has a celebrity following that has included Katie Couric, Andrew Zimmern and the late Joan Rivers.

And what about the company’s name? As explained in this Forbes story written by Deborah L. Jacobs, “Eyebobs” is a play on Southern nicknames for guys — Jim Bob, Joe Bob, etc.  It also works for women who refer to their earrings as “earbobs.”  “I tell every guy named Robert that I named my company after him,” says Allinson.

In Forbes, she talks about the ingredients for starting a company. One is a strong support system that includes people who are risk-tolerant. If your family and closest friends are risk-averse, it’s better to…

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Honey Garlic Shrimp Cocktail with Roasted Red Pepper Cocktail Sauce

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I used to work in a fish shop. During that time, I made all kinds of things: crab cakes, chowders, salmon burgers, fish pies and spice mixes. The one thing that I never got to in my tenure there was to make cocktail sauce. The idea of a roasted red pepper cocktail sauce has always lingered at the back of my mind as an option. Today, I finally did it.

Cocktail sauce is basically nothing more than a spicy ketchup. The traditional is a tomato base spiced up with horseradish. In my version, since it is a pepper base, I thought spicing it up with hot paprika would be appropriate.

The “ketchup-like” idea in cocktail sauce can be modified in any number of ways: swapping out the tomato with red pepper like I did in this or other vegetables like asparagus or grean peas for something totally different. You could…

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Tampa Theatre Halloween Classics Screenings Schedule

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Every October, the Tampa Theatre digs out classic scary movies and shows them on the big screen for Halloween. There’s no better place to see iconic horror flicks like Pyscho than in the dimly lit movie house.

I went for the first time last year. It’s a great experience and helps keep the iconic landmark with expenses.

A great extra is the pre-movie organ music. I shot this with my phone.

Here’s this year’s lineup:

October 17 – “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” 9pm

October 18 – “Psycho” 4:45pm 7:30pm & 10:15pm

October 19 – “Little Shop of Horrors” 3:30pm; “Little Shop of Horrors” (1986)5:45pm

October 20 – “The Silence of the Lambs” 7:30pm

October 21 – “Young Frankenstein” 7:30pm

October 22 – “A Nightmare on Elm Street” 7:30pm

October 23 – “Creature From the Black Lagoon 3-D” 7:30pm

October 24 – “Paranormal Activity” 7:30pm

October 25 – “Freaks” 5:15pm…

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Smashwords: Is Kindle Unlimited Bad for Authors?

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Normally, I’m all for subscription services, but I’m unimpressed with Kindle Unlimited for a couple of reasons.

As a reader, it doesn’t impress me because a great many of the books I want to read won’t be available. That’s the fault of big publishers, who won’t  put their books in the program. As a writer, I am NOT going to sign a contract to sell my books exclusively with Amazon. I want my books in as many venues as possible.

Hmmm… I wonder if Amazon is demanding that the big publishers sell exclusively with them, and that’s why the publishers won’t enroll their books?

Smashwords: Is Kindle Unlimited Bad for Authors?.

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Love at Work

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Are you feeling the loooovvveee? This look is for the woman who simply loves life and adores her work.  She dresses in bright colors to convey her happy mood.  I created this hippie-esqe look with a high collar floral shirt paired with dust pink trousers.  I decided to polish it up with glam using metallic shoes and a round face watch.  Because the shirt is busy, not much more is needed to make this look a winner.  Go to work with a smile on your face.

  • Thakoon Silk Blouse
  • Thakoon Wool Pants
  • Casadei Pumps
  • Calvin Klein Watch

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vibrant vagabonds

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poemartists are gypsies of the city

welcomed wanderers

lives splattered on clothes

true colors

hearts compose street symphonies

Hip-Hop’s language

rainbows tagged upon brick

mural manifestations

beauty is everywhere

where is every beauty?

they are the choir of bells on pirouetting anklets

dancing with flashing neon signs

vibrant scarves

street lights and accomplished goals

they were once young children who were told

wasn’t no beauty to behold in the city

so they travelled about

creating it.

© michele mitchell 2014

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