What are your writing projects?

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I’ve been meaning to update my current writing project. But first an update about the others ones.

Fall in Love with Writing is still something I’m trying to work on. I’m looking at getting it professionally edited and designed. I’m working on a logo for my publishing business and getting an author shot. Once all those pieces fall into place, hopefully the book will be available next year.

My other book about a charity walk I did has been read by a friend. She’s given me so much useful feedback and my task now is to go through the book and do another round of editing. Then I’ll look to get another friend to read it and go from there.

Next year I plan to start work on the sequel to Fall in Love with Writing. This book will be called Everyday I’m Journaling. It will be the same format…

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aspiring authors: do you deserve a seven-figure book deal?

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The holiday season is ending soon and we’ll be fifteen years into the millennium. Here’s a story for all you authors to think about as you weigh traditional publishing vs. self-publishing. From Publisher’s Weekly: (bold emphasis mine- edited for length)

Seven-figure book deals are nothing new in corporate publishing. But lately, these deals seem to be happening more frequently. During the run-up to this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair in early October, three seven-figure deals for debut works were closed by Big Five houses. Shortly after the fair, the New York Times ran an article about a waitress who landed a high six-figure advance. The streak continued with news that St. Martin’s Press had paid seven figures for a debut novel by New York Times reporter Stephanie Clifford. And, two weeks ago, word broke that indie author Blake Crouch landed seven figures at Crown for Dark Matter, his science fiction…

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Free Writing : 12/15/14 (Describe a Wilting Flower’s Last Moments)

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Prompt : Describe a Wilting Flower that’s aware of its Mortality 

I always wondered what the end would be like for me. I imagined it would be something like being drowned by pelting raindrops, or perhaps attacked by a ravenous animal. It would be a violent end. Quick. I looked up at the sky. It was a deep shade of blue. That blue that doesn’t happen often – those rare occasions when God decided to bless the heavens with extra pigment. It was one of those days. There wasn’t one cloud in the entire sky. The sun was beaming and it was blisteringly hot. The summer had been sweltering and not many of the others made it this far. I knew that my time was limited – two maybe three days at most. Although my life was on the line , the idea that such a marvelous entity could be…

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Which Matters Most: A Writer or the Writing?

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More than ever, in today’s publishing industry we are told that we must blog, we must have a Twitter, we must make a Facebook page, we must network with a bunch of other writers, we must attend several hundred writer’s conferences, join ten different writing organizations, and establish a “following” before our work is even considered.

And, while this is all true, we are never told the level of “fantasticness” our writing must be (I know, I just made up that word).

So which one should you most be concerned about: establishing your “writer platform,” or making your writing the best it can be?

Let me help shed some light to this:


This past week was my last week interning at Beacon Press… I already miss working there :(

But, I got the pleasure of talking to both the executive and associate Editors. I asked them their take on literary…

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Vampire King of New York! Enter this Contest!

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Hi Everyone,

King Max is here!  Several things give it away.  One being the fragrance of roses everywhere, the champagne fountain, the wonderful food on endless trays.  VampyreKingOfNewYork_higres (2)

“Max, I’m surprised to see you here.  I know you’re busy with end of the years business.”

“Isn’t everyone?  I just couldn’t miss this party. I love The Romance Studio.”  Max smiles revealing those amazingly sexy fangs of his.

“I’m giving away one of my ebooks to one lucky commenter,” Susan says smiling. It just doesn’t have the same affect as Max with his fangs.  You put an outrageously handsome former Viking and current CEO in an Armani suit, dark blue to set off this eyes, and wow wow wow.

“Tell me more about the contest,” Max says.

“One lucky commenter chosen at random will win their choice of one of my ebooks.  I have the ones available on my website, which…

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Mirror Mirror

I am on high
My Crimson lips seduced by your voice
You call my name from an unbearable distance
Inclined orbit around my nakedness.

I savor your touch
Your dimensions
The overwhelming friction coming again and again
Rough air.

Mirror mirror from the first moment we met
Full of commotion and spiritually woven
You are wild and beautiful
We paint our divine love.

Your scent is intoxicating
The aroma of sweat, sex and man
You are an exquisite animal with raw charm and eyes
that sparkle like glass in the sun.